Monday, May 10, 2010

Tangled Webs and Tangos (written a little while ago, but I like it)

You are hurting her
And you’re killing me;
What a sorry two step--
Your dance of deceit.
And you lie to her
When you lie with me;
What a very sordid,
Tangled web you have weaved.
I won’t be your other
I will only be your one,
So I will only love you
When her love is done.

You tell me to be patient
And you tell me to be strong
But I won’t wait forever,
Turn around and I’ll be gone.
You say you want to see it play out
But how else can it end
When you play her,
Like you have played her?

Mon cher, I’d swim the ocean--
I swear I’d walk for days
If you were on the other side,
If it’s you this time who’ll wait.
But I will bow out gracefully
And I’ll accept defeat
If you tell me that you love her
More than you love me.

Darling love don’t lie to me,
I’ve been lied to in the past
And if all you have are gilded lies
Then take all your love back.
I don’t want to wait for you
If you’ll never be with me;
I don’t want to see it through
If you’ll end up cheating me too
Like you always do.

They look at me with hateful eyes
But you’re the one who’s telling lies.
The words they use like acid scar;
A hundred knives into my heart.
They tell me I should think of her
But no one ever thinks of me.
The only wrong I ever did
Was fall for you and not break free.

You will lose her;
You will lose me.
Not a threat,
Just the simple reality.
It’s hurting you
And it’s killing me
To watch us die
For this toxic dream.

You are hurting her
And you’re killing me;
I cannot keep in time with you
For I have two left feet.
My love, I cannot lie with you
It’s you who lies to me;
Caught up like a butterfly
Inside the web you weaved.
I won’t be your other
I will only be your one,
So I can never love you,
I will never love you
I am done.

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  1. Wow! This brought back so many of the same feelings I had whenever I had to face a similiar situation. It felt like you were writing about someone I know. I loved the line..."for this toxic dream".