Sunday, March 27, 2011

To a dear friend...

and failing
arms tired,
I see you
slow dying;
eyes empty,
My hand is extended
if only you'd take it
but you reach for my heart
wanting only to break it.
And if I say nothing
your pain is my burden,
but if I speak open
I would lose you for certain.
So it's lose you to me
or lose you to the world;
my selfish heart aches
for what has to be done.
You're lost
deflating your sails.
We all try to help you
but all of us fail.
So tell me dear friend
what it is that you see
when you chance your reflection
do you recognize she?
Or are you a stranger
even unto yourself;
a shade of person
now hollow, a shell.
Please don't let me lose you.
Please don't leave me lonely.
Please don't keep on like this.
Please don't turn from me slowly.
My every hope and my every prayer
is for you to remain whole and happy and here.

Monday, March 7, 2011

If I Could Hate You

I wish I could hurt you
or hate you or fuck you
but I can do nothing
except but to love you.
I wish I could tell you
could see you, could say
what I have been thinking
since that dreaded day.
I wish i could hit you
or curse you or fight you
but all that I want
is to just do right by you.
I wish I could hold you
mine again for one day
and play make believe
make believe you would stay.
But all of my wishes
fall silent in vain
for lover you shall never
be mine again.

The Timeless Top

It's not that time is ending
more like it's standing still
while all the earth is spinning
and you question what is real.
Spinning like a top
on a polished marble floor
the floor stays solid under foot
as the top spins round some more.
Quietly and with great power
moving forward in that hour,
the hour of her greatest need
she watched the world fade out of green.
Leaves now golden, red, then brown
littered on the marble ground.
Ever spinning into space;
Ever tumbling in disgrace;
Ever falling from this base;
Ever circling out of place.