Monday, September 19, 2011

For Lack of a Unified Theory

I just want to go so fast
my future turns into my past
with happiness too good to last;
A second try, another chance
to live again the happenstance.

Writing desks and ravens
and a piping cup of tea.
Memorize my future
like it was my history.
As we fly like bats and twinkling stars
we'll spot the tea tray out past Mars.

Flying freely, without cause
but we'll obey theoretical laws
of the inter-stellar road we're on:
signal, merge right, then straight 'till dawn.
With happy thoughts and meteor dust
we'll never get old and never grow up.

Let seagulls fly us to foreign shores
on spider's thread through space we'll soar
down wormholes in the seams of time;
learn secrets of our life, divine.
And all because of magic bugs
in the software used by ancient gods.

But no matter how fast of far we fly,
we can't outrun the questions "why?"
and every answer we conceive
is no better than 14 times 3.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


I watch you, stoic, standing tall,
still and proud and perched to fall.
Eyes slowly searching into mine
in an instant, connected, sharing time.
Each knowing thoughts deep in the other
bound by space and Earth, the mother.
Silent sisters speak in thought
words unmarred by dialogued plot.
Beautifully simple as She intended
and though you've flown, we're still connected.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Let Me Live Without You

I thought it was over,
I thought it was fine
then you waltz so sweetly
back into my life.
And I fall apart
once again for the night.
I'll cry as I sleep
'til the morning brings light.
Are you proud of yourself
of the pain you have caused?
For you did it again
without even a thought.
So I beg you
with every iota of strength
to walk away from me
and spare me the pain.
Just let it be over
and let me be fine.
Let me forget you
and let me have time.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

To a dear friend...

and failing
arms tired,
I see you
slow dying;
eyes empty,
My hand is extended
if only you'd take it
but you reach for my heart
wanting only to break it.
And if I say nothing
your pain is my burden,
but if I speak open
I would lose you for certain.
So it's lose you to me
or lose you to the world;
my selfish heart aches
for what has to be done.
You're lost
deflating your sails.
We all try to help you
but all of us fail.
So tell me dear friend
what it is that you see
when you chance your reflection
do you recognize she?
Or are you a stranger
even unto yourself;
a shade of person
now hollow, a shell.
Please don't let me lose you.
Please don't leave me lonely.
Please don't keep on like this.
Please don't turn from me slowly.
My every hope and my every prayer
is for you to remain whole and happy and here.

Monday, March 7, 2011

If I Could Hate You

I wish I could hurt you
or hate you or fuck you
but I can do nothing
except but to love you.
I wish I could tell you
could see you, could say
what I have been thinking
since that dreaded day.
I wish i could hit you
or curse you or fight you
but all that I want
is to just do right by you.
I wish I could hold you
mine again for one day
and play make believe
make believe you would stay.
But all of my wishes
fall silent in vain
for lover you shall never
be mine again.

The Timeless Top

It's not that time is ending
more like it's standing still
while all the earth is spinning
and you question what is real.
Spinning like a top
on a polished marble floor
the floor stays solid under foot
as the top spins round some more.
Quietly and with great power
moving forward in that hour,
the hour of her greatest need
she watched the world fade out of green.
Leaves now golden, red, then brown
littered on the marble ground.
Ever spinning into space;
Ever tumbling in disgrace;
Ever falling from this base;
Ever circling out of place.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Perfect Snow --for Slink

The snow falls soft through beams of light,
all silent on this perfect night
and all the world is dead in dream;
no noise, no wind, no thought, no scream,
just beauty in the purest way
unmarred by all events of day.
And two sets of footprints tread the walk
between them is no need to talk
just to share the peace profound
on crystalized and frozen ground.
Smoke fills the air from buildings distant
two humble souls rendered insignificant.
And in each flake of fallen snow
a world the two can never know.
Blanketing the ground until it thaws
for even it obeys the laws
as one day it will melt away
but now they know is not that day.
So silent it falls to the earth,
when not a single sound is heard.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Forever --if only if only...

Some say forever isn't real--
forever is too long to feel,
and even when you vow the years
forever ends in hate and tears.
But some things really, truly last
they stay until all time has passed
and so forever love I, you,
forever will my heart be true,
forever your name on my heart,
forever is our only start,
forever dreaming in your eyes,
forever comes as no surprise,
forever dancing in the wind,
forever your kiss on my skin,
forever my hand locked in yours,
forever, for always, of that I'm sure.

Dreaming the Dead

Close your eyes and drift away
to see the souls of yesterday:
ghosts of lives all long since gone
haunt the dreams of weak and strong.
Wailing, warning, lessons of age;
sweetly singing words so sage.
Pray not to make the same mistakes
of those the light of life forsakes.
Learning wisdom from the wise
reading life inside dead eyes.
Open your heart, open your mind
to understand all they provide:
So much they have heard and seen,
so much they almost could have been...
And patiently I wait each night
for dreams of ghosts who know the right.


I've never been so foolish
so stupid and so blind
to think that you would ever
want to change your one-track mind.
But everybody wants to hope;
it stays the feeling you're alone.
We hope that some day, maybe,
or at some point down the line
that this is that and on and on
if stars would just align.
But hope is for the helpless,
I guess I know that now,
and I will never hope again
for I am far too proud.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Love Is --for those who may need a reminder--

Love is Love
the simple fact,
it cannot be defined.
Not legislated,
not dictated
for Love is always right
Sure, you can fight
and bitch and moan
claiming higher law
but judge not
lest yourself be judged
and find you're in the wrong.
Love is patient.
Love is kind.
Love is peace.
Love is blind.
So how could Love
by any stretch
be offensive
in your narrow heads?
Love is Love,
it's all the same
and if you can't see it,
well, that's a shame...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nailing the Coffin

I always see the ending
right up by the starting line;
except with you, my darling,
no ending was defined.
I could have loved forever
and somewhere I always will,
but today I swallow tears goodbye;
a sorry, painful pill.
I stayed as long as I could stand
but now I'm on my knees.
Pleading with you: let me go;
if you can't love me, let me free...
Loose the painful fetters
which bind your heart to mine;
pray the gaping wound
will heal if given time.
And love, I wish we could be friends
like in the days since past
but never would I move from here
with an ending such as that.
So break it fast
and break it clean.
Cut from my life
at change of scene.
And maybe one day far from now
I'll see you smile and feel the same,
but for today, tomorrow and on
to see you would bring only pain.
For I've never been in love like this;
never saw a future, a life.
Never thought I'd want to be
so badly someone's wife.
But what is done cannot be fixed
no mending, no suture, no back
I'm sorry it must be this way
but our love has fin'ly cracked.
And I'm sure you meant no ill intent,
no harm, no pain, no sadness
but I will never hurt again
the way you hurt me like this.
So goodbye love,
go live your dreams.
May all you want
be as it seems.
And may you find love in another
for I wish you only good.
And maybe I'll find someone else
who can be all you never would.