Sunday, January 30, 2011

Nailing the Coffin

I always see the ending
right up by the starting line;
except with you, my darling,
no ending was defined.
I could have loved forever
and somewhere I always will,
but today I swallow tears goodbye;
a sorry, painful pill.
I stayed as long as I could stand
but now I'm on my knees.
Pleading with you: let me go;
if you can't love me, let me free...
Loose the painful fetters
which bind your heart to mine;
pray the gaping wound
will heal if given time.
And love, I wish we could be friends
like in the days since past
but never would I move from here
with an ending such as that.
So break it fast
and break it clean.
Cut from my life
at change of scene.
And maybe one day far from now
I'll see you smile and feel the same,
but for today, tomorrow and on
to see you would bring only pain.
For I've never been in love like this;
never saw a future, a life.
Never thought I'd want to be
so badly someone's wife.
But what is done cannot be fixed
no mending, no suture, no back
I'm sorry it must be this way
but our love has fin'ly cracked.
And I'm sure you meant no ill intent,
no harm, no pain, no sadness
but I will never hurt again
the way you hurt me like this.
So goodbye love,
go live your dreams.
May all you want
be as it seems.
And may you find love in another
for I wish you only good.
And maybe I'll find someone else
who can be all you never would.