Saturday, October 16, 2010

Poetic Manifesto

Someone I knew once asked me
what it was that I believed.
"In everything; in nothing"
was the answer I conceived.
I believe in rock and roll,
in the smell right after rain,
in poetry, in music,
that none of us are sane.
I believe in kindness,
in giving what you get;
in Karma, retribution,
in peace and love and sex.
I believe in yin and yang;
in harmony, content.
I believe in blissfulness
when not a dime is spent.
I believe in physics
and that all of us are one,
fighting for our names
underneath the rising sun.
I believe in learning
so much more than being taught.
I believe we're everything
and also that we're naught.
I believe in melodies
which play within our heads,
in what it is that's done
so much more than what is said.
I believe in being
and in being on your own;
in learning how to smile
even when you're all alone.
I believe in highways
and in backwoods country roads,
I believe feet should be bare
with sand between the toes.
There is no good or bad,
only wrong and right:
An infinity of color
instead of black and white.
I believe that childhood
plays part in who we are
but if all you do is blame it,
you won't get very far.
I believe in math, in art,
in birds and grass and trees,
that we all take life for granted,
and there's no such thing as weeds.
And my beliefs might differ
from most people you will meet
but isn't that the beauty
of the things which we believe?