Monday, September 19, 2011

For Lack of a Unified Theory

I just want to go so fast
my future turns into my past
with happiness too good to last;
A second try, another chance
to live again the happenstance.

Writing desks and ravens
and a piping cup of tea.
Memorize my future
like it was my history.
As we fly like bats and twinkling stars
we'll spot the tea tray out past Mars.

Flying freely, without cause
but we'll obey theoretical laws
of the inter-stellar road we're on:
signal, merge right, then straight 'till dawn.
With happy thoughts and meteor dust
we'll never get old and never grow up.

Let seagulls fly us to foreign shores
on spider's thread through space we'll soar
down wormholes in the seams of time;
learn secrets of our life, divine.
And all because of magic bugs
in the software used by ancient gods.

But no matter how fast of far we fly,
we can't outrun the questions "why?"
and every answer we conceive
is no better than 14 times 3.