Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Wish for Her Monster

She dreamed of what her life would be,
she dreamed of her first love--
And all of that was taken
on a night she still dreams of.
For every time her eyes go quiet
when she lays down to sleep,
the memory haunts her nightmares
and in the dark she screams.
Though, true some hurt will dull in time,
her scars may fade in years--
She has lived to see the day
she lived out her worst fears.

I don't know your name or who you are
but your actions I know clearly;
And if judgment or karma or justice is real
dear boy you will pay dearly.
Few people exist upon whom I wish harm
and on fewer still I wish pain,
but the nightmare she relives each night,
I hope you dream the same.
I hope each time you close your eyes
her face is in your mind;
Look on it well and you will see
the fear in all her lines.
I hope you feel her sorrow
the anguish you have made,
so never can you forgive yourself
for the night of baby's rape.