Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Internal Battle

To say the words, it isn’t hard
but lost somewhere between head and heart
they stick like tar tight to my throat
as Reason forms her mighty mote
to keep me from my own downfall
She never lets me love at all.
For if I say them and they’re said
the dream is, in an instant, dead.
Yes, those are words one can’t unsay—
words to take your breath away,
words which launch ships to the sea,
words never meant for you and me.
Yet, long to say them, know I do
I’ve never meant them before you.
Though somehow simpler they were to state
before they carried such a weight.
If I could screw my courage to some mighty sticking place
I would sing them to the world, and harder, to your face.
Should I risk that which we are
to put my fate on shooting stars;
for if you didn’t feel the same
all my love would be in vain.
So for now I’ll keep still the words
which nigh could change my fragile world.

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