Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Man Unseen

I wish that you could understand,
I wish that you could be the man
I know is living somewhere inside--
can't understand why you make him hide.
Keep him tamed with lock and key
fettered behind reality.
Shed a single tear for him
each night behind my eyes;
I see the man that you could be
and my soul, silent, cries.
You're braver than you comprehend,
you're stronger than you know...
I see your great potential
and I can't let you go.
Maybe when you're older, wise
you'll see yourself but through my eyes;
see the man kept in your head
and live your life as him instead.
And even if it's not with me
please be the man you're meant to be,
for the world would be at such a loss
to never know the you of my thoughts.
Know all I say and all I do
is simply 'cause I care for you
and I will wait for eternity and time
in hopes, that man in you would be mine.
I wish that you could only see
I wish only that you could be
the man inside your own sweet dreams;
the man of your reality...
I know somewhere in your reflection
you see the man you wish you were.
You see as clearly as I see him in you
just as strong, just as sure.
So I pray you find him, I know you will
I haven't a doubt in my mind.
And you shouldn't have to search the world
to find that man inside.

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