Monday, May 3, 2010


Please do not think for yourself--
regurgitate the truth.
Two decades to indoctrinate
and caref'ly cite their proof.
The truth is what they make it
for they define the lies.
Smile as your trigger's pulled
so they won't see you cry.
Learn to stay your questions
and never break the chain.
If everybody does it
then no one feels the shame.
You matter only when you make
a somebody of you.
Learn their falsehoods early
and give to them your youth.
Only think when spoken to;
only speak when told.
Cross your heart and bow your head;
the dealers never fold.
Only look when asked to see;
only know when taught,
but please don't be original
or all this is for naught.
They claim the name of freedom
and righteous moral ground,
measuring their sins
with gold and flesh by pounds.
They tip the scales of justice
to walk in shades of gray:
rape and steal and murder--
but don't forget to pray.
Pray to their God and to their truth
and one day, son, you'll be of use.

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