Friday, April 9, 2010

You Didn't Say You Loved Me

I didn't know you loved me
'Til I saw your heart was broken
That I should leave you all alone
To start a new life on my own--
And this from you I've stolen.
I don't know if Webster or Shakespeare or Austin
Could give words to describe just the way that I love him:
Eloquently understated,
Overwhelming, underrated...
I can't even breathe.
Now I don't want to leave.
And if we're meant to last,
We'll be standing in the end.
And if you're just my past,
A tear stained letter I will send
Telling you goodbye my love;
For once in life I'll cry my love.
I don't know if poets in eighty score years
Will be moved to smile silent or brush away tears
At the beauty,
At the grace
Of the look
Upon your face...
You need not say a word;
My stoic heart has heard.
And as I smile with my eyes
My lips will say their last goodbyes.
Are we dead or sleeping?
I know we must be dreaming.
It seems too good, it can't be real
And I know exactly how you feel.
I didn't know you loved me
Until I saw your heart was broken,
But the shady groves which call me--
Fenced by jasmine and the sea--
Know what your heart had spoken
When you didn't say you loved me.

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  1. Hey, I enjoyed reading these!! Keep writing :)