Sunday, April 11, 2010

For Judas

Ever since I heard your story--
Spun and slandered, void of glory--
I wondered why they hated you;
Can’t they see they’re sinners too?
For years you patiently obeyed
But all that matters is whom you betrayed.
A simple kiss for a simpler coin;
A necessary evil you couldn’t avoid.
If God has a plan innately divine,
You were just one soul entwined.
Maybe your part was already written--
And maybe you have been forgiven.
But no one else sees you like I
I doubt a soul has even tried.
For you were the scapegoat: born to be hated.
The good you did never to be stated.
Took your humanity to make an example,
Damned in every Holy Bible…
Frozen in a lake of ice in the deepest, darkest sphere
Or burning in eternal fire far below us here.
Forgive them; they know not what they do;
They cannot see what really is you.
Yet, I’ve always felt I knew your pain,
I knew the way you felt each day
And I’d have ended my life as well
Rather than live each day in hell.

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