Thursday, April 15, 2010


I cannot let you in my veins or deep into my heart;
Darling if I fell for you, you know I'd fall apart.
You're beautiful, cerebral, and almost like a god,
but in your new religion you are all I just nod.
I wish that we could marry and I would be your wife
but given time and weakness, you'd take from me my life.
Wish you could be my hero, I, your heroine divine,
but I've known too many heroes who turned out to be a lie.
For if I ever loved you, loved you even for a day,
my whole world would vanish; my life would fade away.
And though the rush I'd feel would be deeper than a high,
I cannot let me love you, not even for a night.
For loves like you adorn my past with fallacies and pain;
I can't traverse that road, can't walk down that path again.
I've spiraled like a shooting star in shadow of the moon,
I cannot fall so far so fast, not again so soon.
You'd be pulsing through my blood, a part of what I am,
yet, you'd lead me into slaughter, Love, and I am not your lamb.
I will not be your Juliet, I can't lay down and die;
in your tragedy you die alone and to the sun I fly.
Love, I know you, what you are, and how your poison scars:
you taint the simple melody and black out all the stars.
I saw the poor soul you loved last, despondent and strung out,
praying for a savior, though she wasn't a devout.
And the love before, you left alone; gluing back the shards
of the life she used to know 'fore your love tore it apart.
So from your sordid past I'll learn:
run before there's a bridge to burn
I am not your heroine, my hero you cannot be;
for I would lose my life, Love, if I let you love me.

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