Friday, April 16, 2010


The proposition’s simple just an easy evening ride
through twists and turns and bridges down into the country side
where magpies squawk and cattle moo--
Misty rays of light come shining through;
Where left is right and up is down
as I’m driving through this town.

Searching for the tree of life on roads I’ve never known.
Wondering where I’m going next; how far I am from home.
Hide away and hide it well
through the paths and hazel dells.
Completely dry but I almost drown
as I’m driving through this town.

Thirty, forty, fifty-five; last thing I want to do is drive.
It’s fucked up just how numb you feel when you realize you’re alive.
I’m flying blindly in endless night,
on and on till the next red light.
Feels like time is slowing down
as I’m driving through this town.

Passing things I know that I barely recognize:
trees and signs and yellow lines melt together in my eyes.
I’d stop but will pushes me: go faster
fighting to see who’s slave, who’s master?
Am I to be the king or clown
as I’m driving through this town?

Scenery floats in waves as I stand still in this place;
paranoid that all I’m feeling’s written on my face.
Afraid to look away or blink,
like something’s always on the brink--
But everything is safe and sound
as I’m driving through this town.

Swirling shades of evening rest inside my weary head.
I wonder if I’m dreaming and I wonder if I’m dead.
Removed from time, removed from space,
removed from all but this very place.
I feel the whole world spinning round
as I’m driving through this town.

Odd how you can be so lost but know exactly where you are;
I can’t even see the sky I’m too entranced in all the stars.
Roll it down wind hits my cheek,
I cannot bring myself to speak.
Not quite glad, but I can’t frown
as I’m driving through this town.

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