Monday, December 13, 2010

Untitled as of yet

It's all I ever wanted;
it's all and somehow more.
It's beautiful and perfect,
it's true and strong and pure.
This feeling in my bones,
in my heart and in my head;
this feeling that I know
I'll never get to feel again.
I used to think "the one"
was a fable, was a lie--
only real in fairy tales
to make sweet women cry.
But then I found you,
found my love,
found the substance
dreams are made of.
So never will I want again
to feel another on my skin.
Never will my dreams be dark
for you have opened up my heart.
I love you now
and tomorrow the same
I'll love you until
the world has no name.
Until the sun
is empty space,
until the very
end of days.
And I know you don't feel for me
the way I feel for you
so you'll keep searching, diligent,
to find a love as true.
So go my love
please go and find
whatever it is
you lack inside.
Whatever it is
I could not be,
love her now
instead of me.
I promise I'll be fine;
I know I'll be alright
because my heart has felt
a love for which others pine.
Because all good things shall meet their end
and this, our end has come,
just know I'll look for love no more
for you, you were my one.

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