Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blind Ambition

I see you child, rushing
And pushing and shoving
And climbing their ladler
Accomplishing nothing.
Never once stopping
To check your direction,
You simply push forward
With careless aggression.
Your collar is starched
And your tie perfect, straight,
Following plans that
Your puppeteers make.
And if ever a stray thought
Should enter your mind
You bow your head, chastised
Then fall back in line.
Are you happy with your hedge fund
And your mansion in the hills?
If you were really so happy, friend
You wouldn't need those pills.
Pills to make you sleep,
More pills to help you wake,
Pills to make you smile;
A new pill for every ache.
That is not a life, my son,
No matter what they've told you.
Leave the box they put you in
For you have let them mold you.
Slow your feet,
Widen your gaze,
Step off the path,
Leave the maze.
You might never make your millions
But you could make so much more
If you'd ever leave the rat race,
Look out, and explore.

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