Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Perfect Snow --for Slink

The snow falls soft through beams of light,
all silent on this perfect night
and all the world is dead in dream;
no noise, no wind, no thought, no scream,
just beauty in the purest way
unmarred by all events of day.
And two sets of footprints tread the walk
between them is no need to talk
just to share the peace profound
on crystalized and frozen ground.
Smoke fills the air from buildings distant
two humble souls rendered insignificant.
And in each flake of fallen snow
a world the two can never know.
Blanketing the ground until it thaws
for even it obeys the laws
as one day it will melt away
but now they know is not that day.
So silent it falls to the earth,
when not a single sound is heard.

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